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We are very excited that as of February 2010 Monarch Aviation became an Aspen Avionic Dealer. Please click on the Aspen link and check out Aspen PFD and MFDs and then call us back for unbelievable pricing! If you have a spare hour or so, please come and visit. You may be surprised at what Monarch Aviation can offer you; avionic installation, avionic repairs and testing, transponder, altimeter, encoder certifications, major and minor airframe repairs, scheduled maintenance, and aircraft weighing all with the same attention to detail that our customers know and expect from Monarch Aviation. Not only does Monarch Aviation specialize in avionic, instrument and electrical systems, but we also offer some unique aviation services:

  • Aircraft weighing
  • Fiber glass repairs (engine cowling, wheel pans, wing tips)
  • Custom interiors
  • Aircraft salvage and recovery
  • Aircraft restoration


Each time we carry out an altimeter/encoder/transponder certification and there is a GPS interface with the system, we will access the GPS maintenance page to check the grey code inputs. Recently we have found several IFR GPS with incorrect wiring from the encoder. The average A&P or FBO may have a fundamental grasp of wiring but they certainly do not have the necessary test equipment to carry out the required functional test/recertification of the transponder /encoder after grey code inputs have been modified. To fly in IFR conditions with an incorrectly installed GPS could cost you your life. If you have questions or concerns about your current installation, please do not hesitate to call us and discuss your issue.


After servicing new batteries, cover the vent holes, turn upside down and shake for 30 seconds. This gets the bubbles out so the acid can saturate the cells. This will extend the life of the battery (Gill Batteries).



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